‘Finite’ end to the never ending saas-bahu dramas

Pakistani dramas are extremely popular in Asia and America because their shows run up to maximum 25 episodes whereas our Indian soaps go on forever. Indian writers on the other hand are forced to introduce lame antagonists, add all sorts of nonsensical unnatural stuff, take limitless leaps, and do what not to stretch the show as long as the TRP’s keep coming in.

In 2003 ZEE TV made its presence felt with a concept called as Chausath Panne,  64-episodes of a serial.  The series included serials such as Dil Na Jaane Kyon (DNJK), Lipstick, Astitva and Miit. Chausath Panne challenged the producer, director and writer and gave the viewers good content without pointlessly stretching the shows. But this concept didn’t last for long.

We had YRF shows like Rishta.com, Mahi Way, Khottey Sikkey, Seven,Powder with limited episodes, they were great in terms of content but weren’t accepted by the mass viewers. The never ending saas-bahu show saga took over the Indian Television until recently when TV channels came up with good finite shows. Daily soaps start promisingly but after some time they go downhill. They lose their charm, the characters change, the story gets haywire and what not.The only solution to stick to the script is by making finite shows. Interestingly, a lot of Bollywood filmmakers are now evincing interest in the small screen by coming up with fiction-based shows.

TV Ji has listed her favorite finite shows on Indian Television from the recent past-

Ek Hasina Thi

Ek hasina thi TV Ji Gharpe Hai

Ek Hasina Thi was a Crime thriller television series created by Cinevistaas Limited for the channel Star Plus from 14 April 2014 to 20 December 2014. It was loosely based on the American series Revenge. The series has Sanjeeda Sheikh and Vatsal Sheth as leads, and, Simone Singh and Ayub Khan in supportive roles. The show was acclaimed by critics and viewer and it was one of the most successful show of Star Plus at that time.


Everest TV Ji Gharpe Hai

Youth shows like this should often be made and TV industry is surely in dire need of such varying approaches for its ingratiating to see such out of the box shows coming up which are rather motivational and on an optimistic note. The story was about youngsters in an mountaineering institute getting trained to climb mount Everest and about the challenges, ambitions, passion, dreams and trials and tribulations in their lives.


Reporters TV Ji Gharpe Hai

Reporters was an Indian fiction newsroom drama television series based on The Newsroom (U.S. TV series), which premiered on 13 April 2015 on Sony Entertainment Television. The show stars Rajeev Khandelwal as Kabir and Kritika Kamra as Ananya, playing television reporters on the. Not only did the show maintain its pace, but the content kept consistently evolving. The script and screenplay seemed tightly knitted together with no scope for any squeezing- in of a redundant scene whatsoever. And like the icing on the cake, the story is being presented in layers, with one layer opening to reveal another.


24 TV Ji Gharpe Hai

24 is a series based on the American series of the same name, made in the Hindi language. The show, primarily written by Rensil D’Silva and directed by Abhinay Deo, stars 24 season 8 actor Anil Kapoor, also a producer, in the lead role. 24 premiered on October 4, 2013 on Colors channel, airing twice-weekly, and concluded on December 21, 2013. The first season of 24 was a massive success, garnering accolades and high viewership.

P.O.W- Bandhi Yuddh Ke

P.O.W Bandi Yuddh Ke-TV Ji harpe Hai

Unlike the usual practice, POW is commissioned as a series by Star with a finite number of episodes – 126 to be precise. P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke (Prisoners of War India) a drama about three Indian soldiers who were captured seventeen years ago while on a mission with their unit in the Kargil conflict in Kashmir. The story begins with their return home, after years of negotiations for their freedom.


Dahleez tv ji gharpe hai

A finite series, ‘Dahleez’ is an unconventional love story of two fascinating individuals, Swadheenta Ramakrishnan (Tridha Chaudhary), a young aspiring lawyer from a South-Indian middle-class household, and Adarsh, a North-Indian bureaucrat from a powerful and influential family. It is quite different from the usual saas-bahu sagas that one usually comes across on television. It has altogether a fresh take on love and is very realistic in its treatment. ‘Dahleez’ conveys the most beautiful expressions of love in a very relatable manner.


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